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Stove Fans

Stove fans are designed to circulate the warm air from your stove around your room. They typically work by creating circulation, using only the heat from your stove to generate their power. Stove fans like the popular Skaats heater can dramatically maximise your stove’s heating efficiency and reach and have become a very popular option for owners of log and wood-burning stoves across our client base.

These great fans are placed on top of your fireplace and start automatically when its base gets heated. Stove fans improve the warmth of your wood-burning stove within a few minutes.

They work as a catalyst to increase the heat intensity and provide excellent circulation of the heat around your room, and some have been reported to save up to 20% on your fuel which is a huge advantage if you own a wood burner. Since hot air rises, most of the warmth from your fire escapes directly above the stove and is lost.

This means you aren’t getting the full benefit. By placing a stove fan on your fire, all the heat around your stove is pushed outwards into your room. With this additional convection power, you no longer rely solely on the radiated heat.

Because of this, you’ll benefit from a warmer living area, fewer hot spots and potentially lower fuel bills. WB Stoves have handpicked the best fans for wood-burning stoves we can get our hands on, so you can be sure, as with all our products, that these will work perfectly with your stove.