RB73 Stoves

The RB 73 story is one of passion for fire. But also beautiful and timeless products and designs on these stunning outdoor stoves. Handmade by professionals in Holland with love for every product. You really can enjoy more beautiful moments while staying outside.

The RB73 outdoor stove can be used on warm summer evenings but also throughout the rest of the year, giving that incredible extra warmth and atmosphere in your garden. The fires have glass-fronted doors, so you do not suffer from smoke, ash or sparks while sitting next to the fire.

The Corten steel gives the fires a stunning appearance and long life. The rusting process is very different for each fireplace, and therefore every RB73 fireplace is unique. As the Scandinavians always say, “No terrace without a fire” Why Corten Steel? The beauty of CorTen steel is the brown-orange rust colour and the long lifespan it gives the fires. With the addition of the other metals to the iron, CorTen steel develops a solid layer of rust, the oxide skin, which shields the deeper material from oxygen.

In contrast to ordinary steel, corrosion is not wear, but rather a protection of the steel. The solid rust layer that has to develop will be depending on the weather and can take 2 to 6 months. If you are looking for an outdoor fire stove then take a look at the RB73 range.