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Kamado Joe BBQ

WB Stoves has you covered if you want to purchase a Kamado Joe BBQ in the UK. We can all say we’ve been out in the garden grilling, only to be frustrated by the quality of a cooking system that doesn’t work as it could. This was the Kamado grill realization about the future of grilling and their amazing Joe BBBqs. They love it, which shows in the thick-walled, heat-resistant Kamado grills they develop.

Kamado Joe isn’t just a line of products or cooking surfaces. It’s what happens when a company that loves to grill gets serious about creating the world’s best ceramic cooker. An ancient Asian-style grill, the Kamado is a thick-walled cooker that delivers a rich, smoky flavour to meats, fish, vegetables and pizzas. This style of oven has remained unchanged for many years.

The air flows through the grill’s ceramic body and vented dome, allowing the chunk charcoal to come to life. Kamado Joe draws on that traditional style, modernizing the grill’s classic style with unparalleled craftsmanship, innovative accessories and a range of flexible surfaces.

The Kamado Joe is better quality and packed with more intelligent features and innovative accessories than any other style grill. So if you love being out in the garden on the BBQ as much as we do, then you need to take a look at these fantastic grill makers.

Why Choose a Kamado Joe BBQ?

The Kamado Joe BBQs will transform your backyard grilling and elevate your charcoal grill to a new level with excellent heat retention, smoking ability, fuel efficiency and temperature control.

If you have questions about the Kamado Joe Classic or Big Joe ceramic grill, please do not hesitate to drop us a line via phone or our contact form; we will be happy to help. Also, remember they have an extensive range of grill accessories. Check out our range of Kamado Joe accessories.