Companion Sets

There can be nothing more welcoming than the heartwarming crackle of a log fire, and WB Stoves have an excellent selection of the best fireside companion sets to compliment a range of fireplaces.

Within our companion sets for wood burners category, we have all you need to clean, maintain and make the most of your hearth. Made using only the best materials, this diverse range is bursting with all the styles you need from modern companion sets, period charm, contemporary sets with quality design and quirky character.

Fireplaces come in many styles and finish, so whatever your style or room decor, WB Stoves have just the thing that will complement your hearth. From simple log storage solutions or fireguards to essential brush and pan sets, you’ll be spoilt for choice and price this winter.

All our hearth accessories are high-quality products with a finish to match and feature handpicked products from the best manufacturers at a great price.

We offer a full range of fire tools, log baskets, coal buckets, fire screens and match holders. All of these fantastic products come in various finishes like steel, polished brass chrome, black iron, pewter or copper and will compliment your new fireplace.

So if you are looking to replace a broken shovel, brush or poker to upgrade your old tired sets, then we have the accessories just for you.

If you search the site and can’t find the tools set you want, or if you have any questions or want more details about the tools and fireplace accessories for wood-burning stoves we stock, please get in touch. We look forward to making your hearth look perfect.

What Is A Companion Set?

Fire tools comprise all the items you need to look after your fireplace. From brushes to shovels, tongs and pokers, all shapes and sizes are covered to ensure that your fireplace is safe to use, well maintained and looking good for many years.

Traditionally companion sets include a poker, brush, shovel and a set of tongs. These essential fireplace tools allow you to operate an open stove safely. But sets can vary, so please check that our range of companion sets has the fireplace tools you need.

No matter what the style, whether you have a traditional open fire or a more modern glass-fronted one, there will be a log burner toolset that complements it perfectly at the right price and adds the perfect finish to your home.