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When it comes to beautiful British made wood-burning stoves and multi-fuel stoves. Arada stoves are considered some of the finest available on the market today, both in terms of quality and efficiency.

Their skilled engineers, designers and fabricators have been producing stunning stoves from their Axminster site for over two decades. Their range includes a wide selection of Arada wood-burning stoves from a 5kw output to a 12kw output boiler stove.

Arada stoves is an independently owned company that has been manufacturing stoves at their Devon base since 1983. Their commitment to producing quality has meant that Arada stoves come loaded with stunning design features and ease of use at a very competitive price. They can also save consumers up to 70% compared to the cost of electrical home heating, so they make significant economic sense as well.

Many of Arada’s stoves are around 70% to just over 80% fuel-efficient with excellent heat output and energy rating. Many in the stove range also use secondary and tertiary air systems and radiant and convected heat (often called clean burn). This means that additional air is introduced to the stove and heated which helps burn off more of the smoke and gases, making the stove more efficient. If you happen to live in a smoke-controlled area (check this on the Defra website), you will need to burn smokeless fuel only or look to buy a Defra-exempt stove if you want to burn wood. As of 2022, EU regulations stipulate that all new stoves reach higher levels of efficiency. Many stoves are now being made to these specifications, look out for the Ecodesign Ready label to find one.

If you are looking to purchase an Arada stove, then WB Stoves stocks the very best with many benefits, great prices and a lifetime guarantee, including the Timeless Classic range, identified by their traditional design, and the Contemporary Living range, which adds a fresh look to any room, and the hardworking heating range. This is the Arada range of boiler stoves. If you want more information about the Arada multi-fuel products, then get in touch today. Free delivery options on all orders.