The Best Outdoor Cooking Equipment

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Using the best outdoor cooking equipment and eating meals outside, we can all agree, is fantastic, and after the last year we have had with Covid here in the UK, our back gardens have become somewhat of an oasis. Here at WB Stoves, we thought we would look at ways to up your cooking game this summer with some of our favourite outdoor cooking range ideas for your garden.

Summer parties in the garden are a considerable reality this year, with travel restrictions possibly still in place throughout the season. If lifted, the talk of huge prices on holidays means many families may opt to stay put. Hopefully, good weather is on the way and dreams of preparing the best grilling recipes with friends outdoors and summer drinks in hand as you enjoy the British summer.

However, outdoor cooking can sometimes come with a few headaches if you don’t have the correct cooking equipment setup. Carrying food and supplies in and out of the kitchen can be a bit of a hassle, even more so when you realize halfway through cooking that you’ve forgotten an important ingredient you need right at that moment. Nobody wants the major embarrassment of your current outdoor cooking equipment just not being up to the task and delivering poor results. Why not go the extra mile and become the talk of the street and try something new like making your own wood-fired pizzas.

group of people outdoor cooking

What is an outdoor kitchen?

This is a really great question! Outdoor kitchens are extensions to the traditional indoor kitchen and can be either permanent or temporary additions, such as a gazebo or pergola. They have everything you need from cooking appliances to storage for supplies, outdoor dining areas where it’s easy to keep all chairs and tables within reach and even undercover.

Not only is it a great place to entertain, but an outdoor kitchen can also be an extension of your existing kitchen, keeping smells and mess out of the house. A wood-fired pizza oven is a great choice as it provides an entertaining focal point to impress the neighbours.

If cooking outside with all the essentials at your fingertips on a professional BBQ, wood-fired pizza oven, or fire pit is your idea of domestic bliss, then consider looking at these three unique outdoor cooking equipment products from some of our leading brands available here at WB Stoves. You can even go as far as building an outdoor kitchen of your own. Let’s face it, we have all spent way too much time at home, so it’s more important than ever to make our gardens that little bit more special. And in the good old UK climate, we need to make the most of those precious warm weather months!

At WB Stoves, we know that people love outdoor cooking because it is a way of taking your time and enjoying the space in your garden with friends, family and loved ones. With this in mind, here are our favourite pieces of equipment to help you cook up some fantastic recipes come summertime:

Picture of kamado joe bbq

Kamado Joe BBQ

The Kamado Joe Classic range includes innovations, featuring a thick-walled, heat-resistant shell that locks in smoke and moisture at any temperature, so you get smoky, juicy meat every time. The Kamado Joe Classic I features a new handle design that offers more freedom and comfort when lifting the lid to access your food.

The Kamado Joe Grills have built-in handles with perfect balance for carrying and cooking on both sides of the grill surface, which means no flare-ups or hot spots at any end! Its high-quality construction ensures longevity in use as well as easy assembly – it’s not just about grilling anymore! Not forgetting they all come with the Kamado Joe BBQ Famous Lifetime Ceramic Warranty = BBQ Heaven.

Fancy some outdoors expert-level garden grilling? Why not treat yourself and invite your friends around for an evening of relaxed, delicious cooking. You will never buy another BBQ.

I have been grilling outdoors on my Kamado Joe Classic I for the last few weeks, and it has come up trumps every time. The grill is durable, efficient and easy to clean – a true gem! I now feel that there are no limitations with outdoor food preparation, thanks to this wonderful product. Whatever your budget or needs, you can buy one without feeling guilty about not having the right equipment because these days, even top chefs use kamado grills as their go-to cookware!

Michael, Cullercoats.

If you’re still in two minds about whether owning a Kamado Joe Grill range will make life better, then just think: who doesn’t want BBQ Heaven? There’s nothing more relaxing than sitting back after dinner enjoying the compliments of your guests.

rb73 outdoor stove

RB73 Piquia Outdoor Stove

The RB73 Piquia model is a compact corten steel wood stove with a fantastic industrial look that fires a solid appearance and long life. This outdoor stove features a galvanized steel door handle and stainless steel lock bolts both above and below the door, which can be opened from either side.

The RB73 is a fantastic handmade stove for those of you who have a small garden and want to enjoy beautiful moments and the benefits of outside heating without the downsides or a firepit or chimney and all the smoke that comes with it.

The RB73 is built with CorTen steel. , It also includes a full-width door that gives you easy access for effortless loading and cleaning. The rusting process is different for each fireplace, and therefore every fireplace is unique.

alfa forni pizza ovens

Alfa Forni One Pizza Oven

Taking just 10 minutes to go from 0°C (32°F) to 500°C (750°F) and cooking a pizza in just 90 seconds, this outdoor Alfa pizza oven is a must for any outdoor dining table.

The Alfa Forni One Pizza Oven is constructed from the finest materials and is so heat-retentive that it can maintain cooking temperatures of up to 300°C (572°F) for prolonged periods powered by gas or wood. The oven door opens outwards, which means easy loading of your favourite dish.

The Alfa One weighs just 50 Kg (110 lbs), making it a truly portable oven for making classic Italian style pizzas in minutes. The door comes with a peephole for monitoring how your pizza is cooking and has a heavy-duty handle that stays cool to the touch even when at high temperatures.

The cooking chamber features a double-walled commercial-grade layer of ceramic fibre insulation and is made entirely made of reinforced stainless steel. Thanks to the patented Alfa deflector, heat gradually comes out of the flue, which means that the oven is used for a long time.

The Alfa One comes in one size, with an internal oven floor size: 60×40 cm. Outside dimensions are 73x55x48 cm and can be paired with a purpose-built trolley with wheels to make it easy to move your cooker around the garden.