This Danish company lives by the philosophy, The Art of Fire. It has introduced many innovative concepts, including the acclaimed CleverAir system, the air supply is regulated automatically, replacing manual control. This allows your wood to be burnt in the most efficient way to increase burn time and boost heat output, and the Rais designs are also very easy to light.

Once you’ve decided which stove works best for your home, you can customise some of their products. For example, with the Viva L Classic stoves, you choose from 6 colours, door type (glass or steel with glass), whether or not you have side glass, style, and material for your top plate, manual or auto air regulation, style and material of handle and more.

We also stock the Rais outdoor fire and grill product range featuring the very popular circle fire pit and accessories. If you have any questions about this quality range of stoves from Rais UK, then please do get in touch. We are always happy to assist and help.