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Rais Woodwall



Rais Woodwall (Wall Mounted)

The beautiful Rais Woodwall is available in 2 variations. The elegant wall-mounted firewood holder is a stunning, decorative addition to any room. It is steel and has an optional backplate that keeps firewood from hitting the wall. When filled with decorative firewood as an indoor woodpile, it is a piece of art in its own right and brings a tiny part of nature into the middle of your home. What’s more, a Rais wall-mounted log holder is a practical log holder, so you always have plenty of dry firewood to hand. The log store is easy to mount on the wall.


  • 130cm
  • 190cm
  • Black Or White
  • With Or Without Wall Protection

Rais Woodwall (Free Standing)

The unique free-standing Rais wood wall holder is steel and creates a decorative effect in the room when filled with firewood. It’s equally stunning as the wall-mounted option but allows you to move the unit around your home, giving you more options for placement. With the exclusive log holder range from Rais, you always have plenty of dry firewood to hand.


  • 120cm
  • 180cm
  • Black Or White
  • With Or Without Tools

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130cm Wall Mounted Without Protection, 130cm Wall Mounted With Protection, 190cm Wall Mounted Without Protection, 190cm Wall Mounted With Protection, 120cm Freestanding, 120cm Freestanding With Tools, 180cm Freestanding, 180cm Freestanding With Tools