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RB73 Wood Storage Bruges



The excellent RB73 wood storage Bruges is a storage unit made from CorTen steel. This stunning outside storage is designed by the Belgian designer Jan Kuppers (Kuppers & Wuytens). The typical Belgian façade construction inspires the shape.

The package consists of 11 metal plates to be transported as a flatpack. The parts are straightforward to assemble with just a few bolts. The unit itself gets the necessary stability by sliding together with connecting pieces, for which simple slots are provided.

The natural beauty of stacked wood combined with RB73 stove trademark rusted steel gives the RB73 wood storage more than a useful function. It is stylish, durable and well-thought-out outdoor furniture that can lift your garden space.

RB73 Bruges Features

  • 3mm CorTen steel
  • 3 modules + spacer
  • 250 kg