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Heta Stoves

WB Stoves are proud stockists of the stunning Heta stove range. Heta is a family ran business located in Lemvig in Denmark. This is where Heta stoves develop and manufacture from idea to their beautiful finished product.

Today, Heta is a trendy brand at WB, and they sell their stoves to customers across 22 countries. The Heta brand was founded in 1972 with Erik Bach at the steering wheel for many years. Today, the company is headed by Erik’s two sons, Carsten and Martin Bach.

In the very first years of business, the company manufactured hot water containers, refrigeration plants, tanks for fishing vessels and feeders for farming. Around 1984, Heta collaborated with a Danish iron foundry, L. Lange and Co, founded by Lars Lange, a manufacturer of cast iron stoves since 1850.

A few years later, they acquired L. Lange and Co. In 1989, Heta developed the first of a long series of modern wood stoves, which laid the foundation for all the stoves in the current Heta range.

Today, Heta stoves manufacture stove inserts, pellet stoves, aqua stoves, thermal mass stoves and outdoor stoves for quality-conscious consumers worldwide. If you have any questions about these stunning stoves, please drop us a call or email; we will be happy to discuss your options.