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Heta Quad Outdoor Pellet Burner



Quad outdoor pellet burner from Heta is a stunning new garden product that, in addition to being an amazing piece of furniture, can also extend your garden evenings with a beautiful and warming fire. Quad is ideal for the garden, where it will create an amazing atmosphere, light and cosiness into the late hours. When the flames die out, the remaining glow layer is ideal for children who can bake puff pastry or toast marshmallows.

When the embers die out, the combustion chamber is removable, making it very easy to empty the little ash that has not burned. Once empty, you can refill the Heta Quad combustion chamber with dry wood pellets. Then reapply the supplied gel, which quickly ignites the pellets, and your cosy fire continues. Heta Quad is made of the very popular Corten steel, a material which Heta has used for years. Corten steel forms a stunning patina surface that can withstand pretty much all weather conditions.

Heta Quad Features

  • 4kg pellet capacity for 1½ hours of burn time
  • Easy to light with the supplied fire gel
  • Fan controlled – powered by an external Heta power bank battery
  • Easy to clean
  • Environmentally friendly


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