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Rais Viva L Gas Stove



The stunning Viva L gas stove has a round, organic Nordic design and a beautiful flame presentation. It features a large glass pane that gives great visibility to the flames, which you can easily be boosted up or down with the supplied remote control or with your mobile / tablet.

The Viva L gas range also allows you to choose the colour of the stove, side glass, top plate etc. so that it fits perfectly into your home design. The gas stove is fired with gas, natural gas or city gas. If you have any questions about the amazing Viva L gas stove then please get in touch and we will be happy to assist and give advice on these beautiful fires. You can also purchase the Viva L wood stove here

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100 Steel Door, 120 Steel Door, 140 Steel Door, 160 Steel Door, 100 Glass Door, 120 Glass Door, 140 Glass Door, 160 Glass Door


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