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Skaats Eco Stove Heater



The Skaats Eco Stove Heater has a unique silent blade design that pushes the heated air further, faster and quieter than any other product. Safe silicone fan blade and lift handle, removable and easy to clean. The unique silicone blade is housed safely inside the main body for added safety. Boost the efficiency of your stove. Get more heat using up to 20% less fuel.

Unlike conventional products, the Skaats stove heater recovers wasted heat from your stove via the unique convection chamber. The recovered energy is then distributed into your home maximising the true energy potential. The fans are available in 6 colours, Pitch, Shell, Nordic, Cinder, Flint and Copper

Simply place the Skaats heater on top of your stove, light it and within a few minutes, the fan will start. No batteries or electricity is required.

Eco Stove Heater Features

  • Save up to 20% on your fuel
  • 12 Months Warranty
  • Designed, Hand Finished and Assembled in the U.K.
  • CE Marked
  • Operating temperature (80°C – 340°C) 175°F – 645°F
  • Dimensions: L144mm x W80mm x H175mm
  • Weight 550g

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Cinder, Copper, Flint, Nordic, Pitch, Shell


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