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The Girse salmon board makes it possible to cook meat and fish, without exposing it to the direct heat of the fire. The board is hooked into the rail of the fireplace and slow-cooked by the heat. Both conventional wisdom and nutritionists tell us that “fish is good for you!” and there are innumerable ways to prepare it. Open any recipe book and you will find many new ideas to surprise and delight. However, the traditional methods of preparation still prove very hard to beat and one of the tastiest of these is “flame salmon”. Because fish should never be cooked at too high a temperature, we have found that the fireplace in combination with the salmon board provides the ideal conditions for this method.

TIP! One good indication that the salmon fillet is fully cooked is the appearance of small pearls of white albumen (like egg white) on the outside surface.

For those who may not be so keen on fish, you can of course also prepare meat and/or vegetables on the fish board in the same way! There is no limit to your ideas, just never forget to thoroughly wet the board before use!

TIP! Due to the vertical position of the food, you should not prepare marinated fish or marinated meat in this way.

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