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Coal Buckets And Coal Scuttles

Coal buckets are designed for practical use, storing and removing coal from the fireplace but can also be used as just decorative items. These coal scuttles and buckets are the perfect addition to any fireside for storing coal and improving the fireplace look.

With a coal scuttle, you can be sure of no more trips outside to the coal shed! WB Stoves stocks various sizes, designs and shapes of coal hods to meet individual customer tastes. Large or small and in finishes such as brass, black, pewter, copper, etc.

Some coal scuttles are designed to enable you to pour the coal onto the fireplace directly without using any fireplace tools. Whereas some coals buckets are designed to store the coals, you might need tools such as coal tongues to put the coal onto the fire. A typical coal bucket has a fitted handle to carry it easily.

WB Stoves are sure you will find the right match for your fire with our excellent range of coal buckets.